Calming a toddler


                                                                   Calming a toddler


I have been a mother for about four years now and there have been moments when my kids exhausted me totally. I was not even left with a single drop of patience. People build toys for kids and little do they know that a toy cannot calm a baby forever. Now this means that you need to replenish your kid’s toy wardrobe about three times a day. This is absolutely insane but this is true if you want peace to prevail in your home. One thing I came up for mothers like me is either a mobile application, animal pictures book or a random toy. These alternatives can keep them hooked for a while at least. Until your finish your chores you can allow your toddler to go for these choices. Mobile apps come with kids’ videos. These videos include the animated movie clips and animal videos taken from National Geographic channel, Discovery and Animal Planet. They also include some home-made videos of cartoon characters, animated movie characters like Superman, Batman, Frozen’s Elsa variety of pictures, animations and a lot more stuff to keep the baby in awe. Mine is always fascinated by the animal pictures he sees. Now you cannot always rely on these apps that is why I have some other options too.

Animated Videos:-

The Animated videos provide a large range of, Witch from Maleficent, Hulk, and Spiderman.  These videos are very much popular among kids. Within a day the number of views is seen reaching millions. But make sure you do not leave your child alone with a phone or tablet in their hand. It is a safety measure.

Animal Picture Books:-

If you do not trust your child with a phone you can hand them over an animal pictures book. Anything that kids do not see in real life excites them. It can absorb their attention for some time. These books come in very hard binding which means that the kids will not be able to tear them easily. They are especially designed for kids.

Random Toys:-

Now not only a toy will work for your baby. Kids want almost everything new they see. They want to see it, touch it and feel it. This is the time when kids are super curious about everything. However you can give them what you think is more than 100 percent safe for them. They would cry for a hair brush, tooth brush, plate, spoon or even a fork they see in your hand. Give them what is safe for them. Give them anything to play as long as it’s sterilized and safe.

Be it a video on phone, an animal pictures book or a random toy, make sure it is safe. Keep an eye on the child when they are playing with these things.


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