Important steps in design verlichting process

To obtain the best outcome when mounting lighting, it is very needful to prevent the urge of running straight into luminaire selection before the determination of the essential system.

Below are the most necessary steps to in design verlichting processes:

  1. You have to know the requirements

This involves knowing what the lighting installation is aimed at achieving. This is the following to gain an understanding of:



  • The task element. This is divided into two


    1. illuminance


  • the Glare


  • the type of spacing to use
  • the relative shape of the location
  • things to be noted
  • things which have ┬áto be hidden
  • the movement of light
  • the interplay of day
  1. determination of the method of lighting

At this point, you have to bare to the back of your mind the ways the light would be delivered. For instance should it recessed, surfaced mount, direct or indirect, or would down-lighting be used and the key features.

At this stage, there should be proper caution in the use of natural to minimize the use of artificial light

  1. pick the proper light equipment

Once the light material has been selected, the best way to choose the light source is through luminaire

The following are the features that should be a guideline when choosing any light source

  • lumens ( light output)
  • Total input wattage
  • Effectiveness (lumen per watt)
  • Lifespan
  • Physical size
  • Surface glare
  • Colour attributes
  • Electrical attributes
  • The compatibility with previous electrical systems
  • Gear control requirement
  • To importance of the operating environment

Factors that can also affect the luminaire choice

  • Light distribution
  • Glare control
  • Size
  • Aesthetics
  • Heat management
  • Finish and appearance

Calculating the lighting parameters

Design verlichting parameters are of three phase

  1. The manual calculation method
  2. Three dimension modeling
  3. Visualization
  1. The determination of the control system

The effectiveness and the efficiency of the design verlichting mounting is affected by the light control system

Takes this into consideration:

  • Multiple switches should be made available to monitor the number of light that comes on anytime. Using just a particular switch to put on all the light in a large space is inefficient.
  • Always place the switch at the exit of the rooms and induce a two-way switching system.
  • Use smart light switches and fittings, uses moving sensor to turn on and off the light automatically
  • Using daylight control and timer to switch outdoor security light on and off automatically

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