Patrick Leung Using Bluetooth Beacons

Sales and marketing is a complex industry and needs you to have full understanding of the behavior and activities of customers. This is a customer-oriented sector and pivots around knowledge of the choices, preferences, spending power, culture and demographic of customers apart from other factors. With digitization, the sector has been experiencing newer challenges and marketers are increasingly looking for ways to incorporate technology for ensuring profitability. Bluetooth beacons are a newer medium for promotions, and can be used in at least 3 ways for marketing purposes.

Tracking customer behavior

Beacons can offer amazing insights into the habits and behaviors of customers. How long they spend time in a store, the kind of products they are most interested in, the price range of the items that they generally buy, the buyer segment and demographic interested in those items are some of the essential details which can provide a great deal of information about customer preferences and spending power. These details can be essential for devising suitable marketing campaigns.

Finding product clusters

You can also use these devices to understand the cluster of products liked by consumers, and their shopping pattern and frequency. These details can be useful in devising strategies and adding them to your business planning. You can keep them updated about your offers and latest products and services to be rolled out soon.

Sending marketing messages

Beacons have Bluetooth chips integrated in them and draw power from a lithium battery. The range of support is wide. The device can be used for sending marketing messages and using it as a signal for customers. These days, beacon advertising is a powerful and unique way of promotion. Beacons are low powered but cost effective instruments which act both as a receiver and as a transmitter.

Creating mobile interactions

Bluetooth beacons also help in creating new mobile interactions, ranging from on the spot analytics to digitized payments to proximity marketing. Naturally, these are being used in diverse sectors such as retail, hospitality, transportation, healthcare and education and even apps are being created with beacons.

Displaying set number of promotional offers

Promotional offers valid for a certain amount of period can easily be displayed with the help of BT beacons. Simply attaching the transceivers to a dry and hard surface and configuring them can be enough to display information. There is no expense related to hardware maintenance, which is a win-win situation for marketers.

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