The story depicting the evolution of the Daniel Willington watches

Daniel Willington is a favourite football player, known for his ability to run the ball across the park. He has been a regular member of the Argentina sides and apart from playing for his nation he also appeared for several club teams across the world. Daniel Wellington inspired the creation of Norsejord.

About Daniel Willington

Daniel Alberto Willington was born in Argentina in a small town known as Santa Fe in the year of 1942 on the 1st of September. He started playing in 1950, and since then he was very much accustomed to the game of football, and later he framed himself to be a successful footballer for the Argentina National Football team. Later with his success, he was hired by several reputed teams across the globe, and he did not disappoint them.

Daniel Willington and his fondness towards watches

When Daniel Willington was in his younger days, he had a coincidence, and that made him think of a better idea. Early in his life, he was a trip with the founder; Filip Tysander met a British gentleman who was well accomplished with his dress, business attire and he had a strong desire for the vintage brand watches with the straps on it.

The look and the appearance inspired Daniel Willington, and he realised to have such watches, and from there they decided to create their watch line. Yes, he created it and then modified it to some extent with some attractive classic designs and was later known as the Daniel Willington watches. It has a tremendous achievement for Daniel Willington for becoming modern day watch market.


The certain concept that made the design of the Daniel Wellington watches very unique is described in the points given below:

  • The watch is always designed with the NATO straps that are the straps with nylon and that are why one cannot tear it easily.
  • The watches are designed in such a way so that it looks elegant and thinner as compared to the other watches.
  • It does not have many features and bears a simple construction which makes the user comfortable while using it.
  • The colours that are applied to it are sober, and it also is used with formal attire.
  • It looks beautiful with a round look and a colour that suits your attire.


There are exacting demands of the creation of Daniel Wellington watch reviews across the world. People love the design and the simplicity that it has got in its features. The high demand is allowing the company to sell more products and thereby the annual income is also marginally higher.

The recent introduction of the internet and the facilities of marketing through the online have also made a better publicity and the company as well as the customers across the world is graced with the online marketing facilities. Today people can easily check the features, go through the reviews and then they can order through the online. It was a success to the companies as well as to the customers.


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