Things to know while using the best 360 camera

Best 360 cameras and its compatibility

The 360 cameras have given a new dimension to the world of videos and photography. If you use a 360 camera you can shoot or take a photograph from almost all the angles which give you ample room for your creation. The best 360 camera in the market are available in two forms which are single lens and dual lens. The single lens 360 camera gives content of good quality and the dual lens 360 camera tags the content together. Depending on the type of 360 cameras you have you can connect it to a high-end smart phone or you can connect to a desktop software or mobile.

What do the objects look like in 360 cameras?

It is not easy to know the look of your shot when you shoot from a 360 camera. You do not know about the distance at which the image will appear and you also do not have any idea about the lighting.

Some of the degrees of difficulty in the best 360 cameras

We can discuss the degrees of difficulty in the best 360 cameras in three levels which are beginner, advanced and prosumer.

Beginner: At his level there are many best 360 cameras where you just point and you are ready to shoot. As in this case the stitching is done on the fly you get the option of sharing your shot without doing any editing. The cameras under this category come at a cost of $350.

Advanced: In such a level you get videos from different resources and due to which you need to tag them together after the production. This camera will record the shots in a single device.

Prosumer: In this level the rig makes you press all capture buttons together besides syncing the video manually. This syncing of the video is done with the help of special software. This type of camera costs you around $3000.

Some of the best 360 cameras do not require any SD card and they come with built in battery. Due to this you do not have to keep a track of SD cards and also you are not required to charge the batteries every now and then.

The resolution is not very good in 360

Even the best 360 camera does not give you a very good resolution. Most of the 360 cameras boast of giving you the best image but once you bring to 360 the resolution becomes very bad.

Some of the best 360 cameras boats of giving a resolution of 1080P but it appear like 480P and the images get blurred at the corners.


The best 360 cameras offer you some of the great features but still there are certain flaws in their making. There is no doubt that by using the best 360 camera you can take some of the incredible pictures which can last for a long time.

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